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about us

Why advertise with us?

Advertising rates of 60-80% lower than others. The possibility of free advertising. Advertise in other categories: car camping, Robinson tourism, rural tourism, trips / transfers, yelow pages, car rental, etc. .. . The possibility of long-term advertising on our site at minimum cost. Ability to pay for advertising over mobile devices.

What we offer

We are an established web portal that works since 2009. On our pages are present from all of Europe and the world, and yet we have the most visits from Polish, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc. .. For only 49, oo HRK / year take advantage of this possibility, making contact with the guests and issue your accommodations! We decided that the promotional prices do atmosveru trust between our page and house owners. Beautiful design, as functionality and ease of reference, also attracts visitors from around the world.

One Beep-payment through mobile devices. If you own a mobile device, you can make a payment directly to advertise, do not need a credit card, bank account, check, etc. .., most simple option of paying for advertising your accommodation ..
PayPal to make the payment of advertising over one of the most popular and safest service to transfer money.

If you are a provider of accommodation space

Advertise Accommodation
Take advantage of this promotional price advertising of your storage space and get full profit! For only € 7.00 / year submit your advertisement (location) and let time work for you! Also, if you want to go to certain advertising, we offer advertising for two years € 11.00, € 16.00 three years.

Advertising camps
Promotional advertising cost of your camping facilities. For only € 5.00 / year, two € 8.00, € 11.00 for three years of advertising.

Yellow Pages
If you own a business, trade, personal business ... advertise the apartments-yelow pages for just € 4.00 for the year.

Car Rental
If you rent cars, to operate and organize trips, excursions, transverse ... for only € 13.00 years, place your bid, destination, type of transport, prices of services ...

Free Advertising
Advertise for free. Take advantage of free advertising. Submit a tender. (Personal data property owner will not be published).


If you are a visitor to the page

search by search engines

Click to zoom the imageOptimized search by search engine. Search engine criterias are: city, state, type of offer, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, number of adults, number of children, the price of accommodation

search by city

Custom Search Catalogs by city. If the requirement to accommodate more precise in a certain city or region, we have developed a catalog offer of space and facilities in cities and regions.

search by the map

Click to zoom the imageSearch by map of Croatian is another option to search additional accommodation.


advertising apartments 99,00 49,ooHRK

car camping 89,,oo 37,ooHRK

yellow pages 29,ooHRK

table of advertising                          apartments, farm - Robinson tourism auto camps yellow pages                       car rentals
365 days € 7,00 € 5,00 € 4,00 € 13,00
730 days € 11,00 € 8,00 € 7,00 € 20,00
1095 days € 16,00 € 11,00 € 10,00 € 29,00
Place an ad independently independently independently Request







yellow pages

Terms of Use and Payment

Terms of Use
Registered user accepts these terms, and takes note of our terms and conditions of the policy. We reserve the right to change the rules without prior notice. Changes will be posted on the home page,, and you will receive e-mail notification about changes. Ignorance of the rules does not preclude their implementation.

Registered user accepts responsibility for all information (data, text, images) that is loaded on the page,, Loading unlawful or immoral content is prohibited. reserves the right to filter the content retrieved.

Payment method

Registered users pay an annual fee according to the the required members. Payment is made on account of, membership begins from the moment when your offer is published to our site.
Free users will not pay dues, paid commissions of 10% for each unit issued.
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